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BloggerCon video!

Here are a couple of videos I shot during Joi Ito’s presentation. It doesn’t catch any particular moment; it’s merely me simply doing a 360 degree pan.

A few people will be pleased to know that the blonde woman they’ve been asking about is in video #2. Guys, if you really liked her, you should’ve struck up a conversation. The worst she can say is “no”.

(Actually, she can say worse things, but these cases are rare and extreme and should be handled only be experts such as myself.)

But still, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Perhaps a consultation of Halley Suitt’s How to Be an Alpha Male is in order. C’mon boys, that’s what God made testoterone for!

Video Number One (600K QuickTime)

Video Number Two (700K QuickTime and featuring…her!)

2 replies on “BloggerCon video!”

Hi Joey,

Believe me, I don’t have a problem with saying Hi to someone! It’s just that it’s hard to strike up a conversation with a person when they’re on a different continent! (A different room I can handle – if the walls are thin enough…) Y’see I wasn’t at the con, just browsing your blog.

As for The Waitress – I agree, you gained your experienced based PhD in Advanced Dating Studies (International) during that saga!

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