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My work here is done [UPDATED]

Yes, Bloggercon was a success. Yes, I finally got to meet and have some face time with some of the people behind the blogs and the IRC nicknames. Yes, I got to show Blogware to a number of people and learn about what they wanted in their blogging software. Yes, I got invited to play accordion at the closing session (Thanks, Dave!). Yes, I’m coming back home with a ton of ideas and all fired up to make cool software.

All that pales to this: I stealth discoed Dave Winer.

See the video (408K QuickTime).

Update: I forgot to mention that Ryan “Skadz” Skadberg took the video for me. Thanks, Ryan!

4 replies on “My work here is done [UPDATED]”

You forgot to mention poopy-head Tom Jakobek.

Let’s put him up as the pubic hair wearing ass-hat he is.

Let’s put Tom on the stroll.

Do the right thing with him.

Huh? Am I getting this right? Does this mean, Joey, that you’ve also Stealth Discoed “Lying Tom” Jakobek?

Now that’s an achievement worthy of note.

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