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Now in Beantown

I have arrived in Boston and am killing time until the various dinners held by various Bloggercon luminaries take place later on tonight. I’m entering this from the HOTEL@MIT’s business center; it’s going to be a couple of hours until my room is ready, so I think I’ll poke my nose around and try and catch what they call “local flavour”. Maybe some clam chow-dahh too.

I just got off the phone with Boris, who’s driving down here from Montreal. He’s just crossed the border, so I figure he should be here by dinner. Look out, Beantown, Trouble Incorporated is about to hold a meeting in your city!

Anyone for a beer somewhere in Cambridge, either this afternoon or tomorrow evening? I’m reachable via phone at (416) 948-6447.

In the meantime, I’m going to look up and down Mass Ave and see what’s happening.

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Have you gotten the e-mail with directions to tonight’s restaurants yet? I thought that was supposed to go out this morning…

–Aaron (also at AKMA’s dinner)

No, never got that email. The problem is that they’ve updated the BloggerCon dinner page so that it says “registration is closed” and now I have no idea where dinner will be.

Gonna hop on IRC and see what I can find…

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