Books on my desk

raku from the #joiito IRC channel on saw the posting with the Tucows office photos and asked if he could see a close-up of the books on my desk. Here you go:

Photo: Books on Joey deVilla's desk at Tucows.

The books are:

  • Upper Shelf
    • Professional PHP Programming
    • XML By Example
    • UNIX Power Tools
    • Refactoring
    • Internet Core Protocols
    • Negotiating For Dummies
    • Making It Happen
    • Open Sources: Voices From the Open Source Revolution
    • Embracing Insanity: Open Source Software Development
    • Programming Ruby (PDF, printed out and in a 3-ring binder)
    • Dive Into Python (also a printed-out PDF)
    • A whole mess of Tucows APIs in binders
    • Tucows Employee handbook (also in a 3-ring binder)
  • Lower shelf
    • Linux Programming By Example
    • Linux in a Nutshell
    • Practical Linux
    • The Unified Modelling Language Reference Manual
    • Instant UML
    • UML Distilled
    • Learning Perl
    • Programming Perl
    • Mastering Perl 5
    • Python Web Programming

I’d provide an appropriate link for each book, but I just don’t have the time.

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