"I’m the real Milla, yes I’m the real Milla, and it wasn’t a fake Milla that sang with Joey deVilla…" [updated]

…or so I think.

Last Sunday, I was led to believe that Milla Jovovich graced us Kickass Karaoke regulars with her presence at The Rivoli, since some of the cast of Resident Evil: Apocalypse, which is currently shooting in town (who knew the original did well enough to warrant a sequel?), dropped by. I was later corrected by Kickass Karaoke host Carson T. Foster, who told me via email that “Milla” was in fact another actress named Siena, who bears a resemblance to her. Milla’s appearance changes quite a bit from movie to movie, and actors often look different in real life, so I thought, hey, it’s an honest mistake.

Last night, while hanging out with my friend Leila after the Bjork concert, the topic changed to Kickass Karaoke.

“Did you meet Milla Jovovich at karaoke?” asked Leila.

“I was told it wasn’t Milla, but someone else in the movie who looks like her named Siena,” I replied. “I checked IMDB but didn’t see anyone named Siena in the cast list. Maybe she’s a stunt double.”

“No, I talked to her for fifteen minutes, starting with ‘Hey! You’re Milla Jovovich!'”


“Yeah. We talked a lot about her name.”

So was that Milla or was Siena having a bit of fun with Leila? Celebrity experts (or obsessed fanboys) can check see these photos and decide (the Mystery Girl is in the pink shirt).

Let me know in the comments, willya?


Another check of IMDB’s page for Resident Evil: Apocalypse shows a Sienna Guillory playing the part of “Jill Valentine”. Hmmm…

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I dunno but it would be like me going and getting a perm and talking with a Americanized British accent claiming I was Jack Osborne (and yes I’ve been told that a MILLION times by people both drunk and sober). I think we might have a Sienna on our hands that claims she’s a Milla. But maybe I’m wrong too!?

Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m 100% sure that the mystery girl in the pink shirt is Sienna Gullory. I know it because I recently saw this movie “Helen of Troy” where she plays the role of Helen. Having said that, Isn’t she in a duo with none other than Milla Jovovich in those pictures?

yeah milla is on the right and sienna guillory is on the left sienna played jill valentine in resident eveil apocalypse…..if u can remember in the part of apocalypse where milla comes in she has all those ivs in her head (it is also the last scene of the first resident evil) her head is shaved and in the pic u can tell that her hair was shaven

Man, what a funny story! Its Milla on the right, singing with Sienna on the left. So, Sienna was messing with this person’s head, huh ?
Nice picture though.

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