A very quick pyGTA meeting summary

Mike Fletcher gave a really good and engaging talk on Python metaclasses last night. While it’s highly unlikely that I’ll need them (the advice seems on when to use metaclasses seems to be like the advice for knowing when you’re in love; when it happens, you’ll just know), the tour of the underpinnings of Python’s class/object system was pretty enlightening.

We also had a pretty high Mac laptop count — there were about ten of us there, and there was an iBook, my 12″ G4 PowerBook and a 17″. If only the meeting place had WiFi.

(I’m looking into getting Tucows to let us use on of their meeting rooms for upcoming pyGTA meetings — that way, we’ll have connectivity, demo machines, whiteboards, comfy chairs, WiFi and a nearby pop machine.)

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I would so like to come to one of these meetings and see what the deal is with Python.

Of course, Mr. Brain Dead Registrar is giving me 2-3 evening classes, so be stuck in Hamilton for 2-3 nights each week, I be.

On what planet is it fair to have a 3 hour lecture on Software Engineering, let along have it start at 7pm on a Wednesday?

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