Catching up on my reading

You know, for a guy who carries a Powerbook around a good chunk of the time, a digital camera most of the time, writes his own Palm software, and maintains a blog, I’m a little behind on my geeky must-reads. Luckily, as I settle into full-time work and move away from freelance — which actually seems to be giving me more free time, I’ll be able to do some catching up on…

I’m also catching up on my popular culture criticism reading:

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I just read Idoru, and All Tommorow’s Parties and they were excellent. I recommend reading “Virtual Light” between the two though to give better perspective on some of the main characters in ATP. If you like Cryptonomicon, try The Big U, also excellent. And watch out for Quicksilver, the newest book in the Cryptonomicon series coming out soon.


I hate to say it, but unless your interest is in maintaining the cultural knowledge quotient by reading Pattern Recognition, I wouldn’t bother. It’s got some interesting bits, but he never pulls out anything interesting.

I am knee deep in Chuck Klosterman’s Sex Drugs and Cocoa Puffs and I highly recomend it.

Not only is Sex Drugs and Cocoa Puffs next on the list, I’m going to catch Chuck’s reading at the nearby Rivoli (around the corner from my house) on the 11th!

“since I’m both a geek and Filipino”

should actually be

“since I’m a geek and Filipino and a keyboard performer”

You’ll see what I mean, oh, about halfway through the tome.

My mouth hangs open. I really did imagine that you’d read Cryptonomicon long ago.

– Gideon Strauss

I bought Virtual Light in hardcover when it came out.

The thing is: where did I put it? Replacement paperback copy, here I come!

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