Life moves faster than blogging…

…but the point is to live so that you can always say “I gotta blog this!

I’m looking at my backlog of unfinished blog entries. So far it consists of:

  • Worst Date Ever, part 5, or the actual “worst date” from which the story arc draws its name
  • Stories from Derek’s Stag, where I learn a valuable lesson about “getting digits”
  • The remainder of the blackout story
  • A night out with Fuzzy

…and I’m sure the wedding and Niagara Falls trip should provide ample storytelling fodder too.

Hopefully, as the freelance client work winds down, I’ll have more time to sit in cafes during the evenings with the trusty new Powerbook and write it all down. (Mind you, hanging out in cafes with a laptop is usually how all my girl trouble begins…)

Have a bloggably good weekend, everybody!

3 replies on “Life moves faster than blogging…”

Go forth and type, dude. Powerbooks are babe magnets…and lower maintenance than a puppys. So good luck.


That must be an Accordion City kind of thing – in San Diego laptops are the ticket to uninterrupted solitude.

Not to extend the todo list any further, but what of the Shaved Ice Summer stories – were there not to be more of those, too?

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