Stag update

I need an aspirin the size of Australia.

Had a lovely time ringleading last night’s stag for Derek Walker. Started off severely upmarket (The Roof, rooftop bar at the Hyatt with a bottle of Veuve Cliquot and $12 martinis) and progressed steadily downmarket until we hit The Matador (notorious speakeasy with low-grade vodka — Russian Prince — in mickey bottles sold by a woman wandering the tables with a duffel bag full of the rotgut). We had great conversation, drank heartily, ate well, danced up a storm, had accordion hijinks, met girls and best of all, Derek, Dhimant and I managed to piece together a lot of information about what really happened at Crazy Go Nuts University after boozily cross-referencing our sordid histories there.

Full details including a photo gallery will follow tomorrow, but in the meantime, enjoy this QuickTime video (444 KB) of some of the dance action midway through the night at Velvet Underground.

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Woah dude very pschyemuhdelic footage dude. I haven’t been to the Matty in YEARS. Is it still as “bummy” as it used to be? 😉

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