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Scenes from a stag party

While I’m writing up the story of the stag (and figuring out how the photo album feature in Blogware works — it seems pretty cool), here are some photos from Saturday’s highjinks…

Photo: Derek Walker and Joey deVilla at The Roof lounge, Park Hyatt, Toronto, for Derek's stag.

Me and the groom, enjoying expensive but tasty martinis. Derek, being the groom-to be, is supposed to be the centre of attention, so I bequeathed to him my jester’s hat and flashing necklace. I love the expression on my face: I seem to be saying “Goodbye, Meester Bond.”

Photo: Derek's friend Marius and Joey deVilla at The Roof lounge, Park Hyatt, Toronto, for Derek's stag.

Welcome to Accordion City, Marius! Derek lives in Switzerland, and Marius is a friend of his from over there who’s come all this way to be at his friend’s wedding.

Photo: Joey deVilla and a Cuban cigar at The Roof lounge, Park Hyatt, Toronto, for Derek's stag.

I love it when a plan comes together! The organizer of this boys’ night out takes a break to savour the fruits of his labour.

Photo: Dhimant Patel and Joey deVilla at 606 King West, Toronto, for Derek's stag.

Trouble, Incorporated. Me and Dhimant. We look like two guys who just got their first VC money for an Internet start-up. “Pet food! On the Internet! H1-B visa, here we come!”

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These have got to be reverse chronological. You look much more lucid in the last photo. It’s not so much the “Goodbye Meester Bond” that I see in the first photo as much as it is, “the martini you see in front of me is my 9th and the foamy top is simply the Valium dissolving”. This from someone you’ve never met in person of course.:)

Strangely enough, they’re actually in chronological order. The first three shots are from “The Roof” lounge (atop the Park Hyatt), where we met for pre-dinner drinks. The last shot — the one with Dhimant and me, both smoking stogies — is from the dinner that followed.

In the first shot, the camera caught me in mid-blink, hence the “about to pass out” look.

Mind you, I was quite hammered by the end of the evening when we were at The Matador. Unfortuantely, there aren’t any Matador photos because they ask you to check in your digital camera batteries, and you can get them back at the end of the night. (Their no-camera policy is probably for reason different than IKEA’s.)

*laughs* you are one of the most photogenic person I know! Sounds like you really know how to throw a stag party… wait a minute.. this is from the guy who attends Naked News parties. Of course you do!

I cross checked the RSS feed in another couple of aggregators, (Feedreader is the one I still have installed), besides the one in Oddpost that I use. They experience the same problems I do with Oddpost, so I have to assume it is a problem with the feed on your end.

It looks like Blogware is updating the rblog.xml file every so often even if nothing changes on your blog. This causes the aggregators to think that there are 15 new stories there and they happliy redownload the rblog.xml file.

Not trying to be critical, just trying to help out. I know you guys are working on the product and as a long time reader and a developer myself I know how hard these things can be to find/repro.

Blogware looks pretty darn cool. I like what I have seen so far and await the full release with interest. I expect that Blogware will be quite the hit with the blogosphere.

Jo — only with you could I experience the slow descent (literally) from the classiest places in the city to its seething underbelly. Thanks for the excellent night out!

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