Nikon Coolpix SQ video experiment number one

Here’s a QuickTime video in which your ‘umble writer attempts to stay the name “Steve Mann” without following it up with a sarcastic “MISTER CYBORG”, enveloped in “sarcasm tongs”.

I tried, really I did.

But wow, is my new Nikon Coolpix SQ a really nifty camera!

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Erm, awesome!

Try it again. I had a friend try to access the video and he could see it just fine.

Blogware’s still being built, and for the next little while, it’s going to act funny from time to time. Oh, the joys of being a “test pilot”…

Don’t worry, we all understand the joys of the “beta” period.

BTW, your RSS feed is wonky too. My aggregator seems to pick up all of your feed over and over again. Even if nothing has changed, Including stories that it picked up just a bit ago.

Might be my aggregator, but it seems to still work everywhere else. I am using Oddpost as my aggregator right now, ( It worked fine with your blogger site.

steve mann pwns j00!!!11

it’s funny; sad and pathetic, but funny – when geeks can so quickly, easily, unapologetically, call somebody _else_ a geek.

Cybermannism aside, blatant Foucault fanboyism aside, the fact that he actually isnt just staying in character – he actually is that annoying aside, he has some interesting ideas.

Derrick’s book has some interesting stuff too. He seems to have taken McLuhan’s style of easily accessable brevity to heart tho :/

Hey, we’re allowed to pick on other geeks! Didn’t you know that there’s a pecking order (

(In programming languages, the pecking order is: Furries who write Star Trek slash fiction featuring themselves, Subcommander T’Pol and Seven of Nine in a hot threesome -> Lisp programmers -> Ruby programmers -> Python programmers -> Perl programmers | Java programmers -> VB programmers, where the operator “->” means “superior to”.)

Yes, they have good ideas, yes. They’re guys who are quite bonkers with good ideas. I count Richard Stallman and Eric Raymond among their number. It’s their extreme quirks — the asides you mention — that make it difficult for me to take them seriously.

I mean, if I *really* disliked them, I wouldn’t be going.

But going I am. And to listen, not to mock them. Much.

Joey –

I’m still getting the “You have accessed an invalid category path or lack sufficient privileges” error at 6pm on Wednesday. Accessing the site from Safari, not that it should matter.


Joey, as a guy whose passion is systems with less RAM than the average TI calculator (Microchip PICs and other microcontrollers), you can have my C compiler when you pry it from my cold, dead hands 🙂

Besides, giving my life over to a scripting language would just feel so… dirty. Where’s the fun if you can’t accidentally / intentionally consume all available physical and virtual memory with one missed free() in a loop?

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