Speaking of Law and Order…

(I mentioned Law and Order in the last article…)

Just in case your day isn’t surreal enough, Ice-T is now promoting his new beverages, according to this article:

Samuel Adams, Billy Carter, and even Canada’s own Dave Nichols have done it: Why not Ice-T? Following a long line of celebrity brewers, rapper and actor Ice-T is launching “Royal Ice,” his own brand of malt liquor. But lest he lose out on a potential revenue source, Ice is also reaching out to the teetotalling Ice-T fan with “Liquid Ice,” a non-alcoholic energy drink. The New York Post quotes Ice-T as saying, of the latter, “A true hustler needs energy to keep his game tight.” So true. Hey — if he can sell that line to his boss, Dick Wolf, maybe he can get his Ice drinks product-placed on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit!

Maybe he can rewrite the lyrics to Cop Killer and call it Thirst Quencher.

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