Welcome to the new digs

This is the new home of The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century.

(You might note that the site’s name is now “Accordion Guy” as opposed to the single-word “AccordionGuy”. I had to name the site that way because Blogger, my old blogging tool has a limit on number of characters that can be in a blog’s name.)

For the incredibly curious, I moved here for two reasons:

  • Blogware, the blogging tool and hosting service where this blog lives, is pretty cool and has a lot of features that i want.
  • I have a very direct “in” with the people who develop Blogware, which means that I can influence it. I promise to use these powers only for good.
  • Blogware is made by Tucows, the company where I am Technical Community Development Coordinator. Hey man, you gotta eat your own dog food! (Besides, during my job interview, I said I’d move my nifty and reasonably popular blog to Blogware if hired. My word is bond.)

I’ve been posting the same articles that went into my Blogger blog into this blog for the past month of so, and over the next month, I expect to move the archives on my Blogger blog over here.

For those of you who read my technical blog, The Happiest Geek on Earth, please note that all future tech postings are also going into this blog.

One nice feature of this blog is the fact that articles can be categorized into topics, which makes it easy for you, the reader to read only the stuff you want. When you first come here, you’ll see every public blog entry I’ve posted. If you only want to read the slice-of-life stuff that I put into the old Adventures of Accordion Guy, choose Life under the Topics menu (left column, near the top). If you only want to read tech stuff that I put into Happiest Geek, click Geek under the topics menu. Life and Geel will eventually have their sub sub-catgeories with clever names (for instance, Life will have a subcategories like Accordion-related, Accordion City and the ever-popular Yeah…girls…geez…).

The blog is sporting a look that isn’t far from the “default theme”, but I expect to give it the Accordion Guy touch over the next little while. But the accordion and open source-powered mayhem that you’ve come to expect will be there!

Don’t forget that new url:!

6 replies on “Welcome to the new digs”

Very cool new system… almost makes me reconsider writing my own blogging system.

Almost, though. This one isn’t database driven, and so the URLs are rather disgusting. Still, I’d love to, errr, try it out… yess….

Another thing about the feeds: there’s no post date in them, so my aggregator (SharpReader) just throws the date of the refresh that got it that post in there (if that makes any sense)

Upside to this is that it makes you look like a very busy guy this morning at 8:41am, Joey 🙂

Andy, I’m seeing both Geek and Life posts in yonder RSS feed. Bang on about the comments, though.

-Randy Glenn (same guy as posts #2, #4)

Hello Mr. deVilla. The default font is too small for my aging eyes, and I can’t seem to increase the text size easily in IE. (text zoom seems to work in mozilla). Yeah, small text looks nicer but i’m here to read (the funny, endearing, and engrossing) text, I couldn’t care less about the layout.

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