A facelift is forthcoming

As you might know, this blog is a “mirror” of the Blogger version of The Adventures of AccordionGuy int he 21st Century. Since Blogware is still in stealth mode, nobody outside the Tucows/vpop world knows of the existence of the Blogware version, and hence I haven’t been too worried about the appearance of this version. All I’ve made sure is that whenever I post to the Blogger version, I post the exact same thing to the Blogware version.

This weekend is a long weekend up here in Canada — Civic Holiday, they call it — and I plan to take some time to do some serious fixin’ up. I want to look good for the launch, and have every intention of being a Blogware poster child, spreading the Blogware love and using my Googlejuice to spread the Blogware message. It’s certainly a fine tool, and I hope to someday get a chance to contribute to the development effort. Nice work, Blogwarians!

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