Eckel on Python II has two more parts of an interview with Bruce “Thinking in C++/Thinking in Java” Eckel in which he talks about why his new favourite programming language is Python. They are:

  • Part 3: Type Checking and Techie Control

    …the idea is that the programmer is able to say, “I would like a Bag of Cats.” The thing says, OK, as long as I can perform these various operations on Cats that I want to, I don’t care if it’s Cats or whatever. That’s what you get for free with Python without any of that [C++] template syntax. It turns out that’s incredibly powerful. It makes your programming a lot easier to write and, I think, to read.

  • Part 4: Python and the Tipping Point

    A few years back I was having dinner with Guido van Rossum, and I said, “Life is better without braces.” That ended up being a conference slogan, along with a smiling character who looked like he had just gotten his braces off. The next year, I suggested to Guido a slogan that I think somebody else probably said first, “Python. It fits your brain.” That’s what I was talking about when I said, “My guesses are usually right.” Python allows you to get into this uninterrupted flow, and just go with that without having to think too hard, even if I have to look up the way a library works.

If you haven’t read them yet, there are also the first two parts of the interview:

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