MC Honky

I enjoy MC Honky, and after sampling his wares, shall buy his album. My thanks to the wonderful BBC 6music for introducing me to his stuff!

The web site says that MC Honky is a potter whose first exposure to popular music came from his job as a janitor at the Capitol Records building. He supposedly later rose to the rank of first engineer and worked on a disastrous Frank Sinatra recording project. The explosion of electronic instruments in the ’80’s and ’90’s brought him to back to the world of music from the world of pottery. The end result is the album This is MC Honky: I am the Messiah, a lovely disc of indie-rock-meets-turntablism that’s worthy of your collection if you like Beck, MC 900 Ft Jesus, the Beasties’ more experimental stuff, MCs Paul Barman or Frontalot or Hawking.

(If you want my honest opinion, I think MC Honky is really E from The Eels. But that’s me, just sayin’.)

If you have RealAudio, you can hear every track on the album at two levels of fidelity: crappy 56K or decent 256K.

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