This is a scotch ad waiting to happen

Rannie “Photojunkie” Turingan took this photo of me at the megaswanky King Edward Hotel, where Min Jung Kim threw a little impromptu get-together. We had drinks, pizza, conversation, command accordion performances, Min Jung trying to find out what was beneath the Accordion Guy persona (caramel and a crunchy cookie, last I checked) and of course, photography.

Rannie just emailed me a photo from that evening, and damn, I look as though I could be in a scotch ad! Call my agent!

Photo: Joey deVilla sitting in an armchair at Min Jung Kim's room at the King Edward Hotel, Toronto, Canada. Photo credit: Rannie 'Photojunkie' Turingan.

Suave. Look at me, I’m the new Dick Contino, daddy-o!

Thanks for the photo, Rannie! Maraming salamat po.

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