I’m so confused

My experience with Artifical Intelligence is limited to a single third-year course at Crazy Go Nuts University where we did classic AI programming in Nial, a pretty nice programming language designed by my first-year computer science prof, really relaxed dude and lord god king of arrays, Michael Jenkins. Perhaps it’s why I cannot comprehend AI-Wheel, some kind of AI application:

Photo: Screenshot of 'AI-Wheel' in action. What action, I'm not sure.

A screenshot of AI-Wheel. Someone please explain it to me!!!

Speaking as a user interface programmer with a modicum of tact, I’ll simply say that the user interface “has room for improvement”.

I am, of course, assuming that the “AI” in AI-Wheel means “Artificial Intelligence” and not “Acutely Incomprehensible”.

If someone could please tell me what this software is for, I’d appreciate it.

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