Kickass Karaoke this Wednesday at the Bovine Sex Club

“Kickass Karaoke be leadin’ the pack / Carson Foster gettin’ ill like a heart attack!”

Yes, this Wednesday marks more mid-month madness with Toronto’s best Karaoke night, Kickass Karaoke, featuring your host, Mr. Carson T. Foster. Although a theft reduced Carson’s karaoke library to a scant few disks, the insurance money’s come through and the collection’s quite something these days. They even have a karaoke version of Nine Inch Nails’ Head Like a Hole!

If you’ve never been to Kickass Karaoke before, Carson’s just created a promotional video (in QuickTime format) that does a pretty good job of capturing the Kickass chaos. Watch the photo montage near the end of the video; you might see several shots of a certain accordion player whom you might find familiar.

That’s this Wednesday at that most notorious watering hole, the Bovine Sex Club, 542 Queen Street West (half a block east of Bathurst). Be there or be orthorhombic.

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