Let the Atkins hoarding begin


It would seem that only some Atkins products lack bilingual labels. See this entry.

Here in Canada, there’s a law that says that the packaging on products must be in both official languages, English and French. That’s why Marlboro cigarettes aren’t available except through bootleggers — they refuse to spend the extra money in order to make a run of Canada-friendly packagaing.

This is bad news for low-carb snackers in Canada. Companies like Keto and Atkins (yes, as in Dr. Atkins, who I still think was offed by the grain and sugar lobby, whom I refer to as Big Carbohydrates) are still small speciality companies and haven’t gotten around to making bilingual labels for the Canadian market. After a few months of availability in health food stores here in Accordion City, these products are now getting turned back at the border until their packaging becomes compliant. Atkins products will be available in bilingual packaging — in September. Whatever stock is currently in the stores is all that there will be for the rest of the summer.

Time to stockpile the Ketch-A-Tomato®!

Some jackass has already bought up the entire stock of Atkins chocolate and peanut butter protein bars from the health food store closest to my house. That good-for-nothing greedy pig-dog! Those were my favourite!

Luckily for those of us who still like a low-carb chocolate fix, the best of the bars — the Odyssey, which tastes like a Snickers bar and has none of the chalky taste normally associated with protein bars — comes in a bilingual wrapper.

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