Back to the working week

This past weekend was a holiday weekend in Canada: Victoria Day, held in honour of Queen Victoria’s birthday, whose actual date is May 24th. While the holiday is no longer held on May 24th — it’s now just held on the Monday before May 25th — it’s known colloquially as “May two-four”, the “two-four” being a reference to the 24 bottles in a case of beer. People traditionally open their cottages this weekend and the unwritten fashion rule states that you’re allowed to wear white pants between Victoria Day and Labour Day.

Then there’s the matter of the fireworks.

I’ll post some photos later today, but here’s a taste for now: some hardcore accordion playing, with me playing the bass-and-chord buttons with my left hand, while holding a Roman candle in my right.

Photo: Me playing the accordion while holding a roman candle.

Special disclaimer for the kids: This man, who is purported to be a grown-up, is doing something that the instructions on the fireworks expressly says is a no-no. Doubtless you will someday see him on an after-school special with a title like Why That Fool Joey Has No Fingers. Don’t go out and pull this stunt, lose your fingers and then have your mom and dad sue him for lots of money.

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