Reading material

When my friend and I wandered through the residential neighbourhood of the Annex, we passed by a house which had a box of books that had been left out for the garbage collectors and passers-by to pick up. It was full of two kinds of books: math texts and must-haves for feminist’s library.

“Care to ratiocinate what sort of person lives here?” I asked my friend. (“Ratiocinate” is a verb I’m trying to popularize.)

Nestled between several calculus texts — which I didn’t really want — and a copy of The Handmaid’s Tale — which I already have — was a hardcover copy of Richard Friedberg’s An Adventurer’s Guide to Number Theory. Cool!

(Maybe not cool. We stopped by Future Bakery and the girl at the counter, upon seeing the book, thought I was some kind of nut.)

Other books on my current reading list include:

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