Fetish Cares

Photo: 'Fetish Cares' promo.

AltaMira wrote to me about Fetish Cares, an upcoming fundraiser for AIDS in the same vein as Accordion City’s long-standing event Fashion Cares. Like Fashion Cares, all the proceeds from this event go to ACT, the AIDS Committee of Toronto. Unlike Fashion Cares, the fashions shown are decidely more “underground”, being of the fetish variety: leather, neoprene rubber, PVC and the like, often in body-accentuating, sexy cuts. No fashion show is complete without music, and Fetish Cares will feature V.A.S.T., The Birthday Massacre and More Machine Than Man.

Sometimes, during the course of creating events such as this, nasty personal politics rears its ugly head. A few people have claimed that the money from Fetish Cares will be lining someone’s pockets and not going to ACT. This is not so. If it were, ACT — who have rigourous screening and accounting processes for charitable events held in their name — wouldn’t lend their name to the event. Some people seem to be concerned that a for-profit company, Seventh Circle Entertainment, is helping organize the event. Seventh Circle isn’t making any money from this — in fact, they’re taking a loss. They’re doing this for two perfectly good reasons: as a way of promoting themselves and because they believe in the cause. In business circles, this is what we can a “win-win situation”, folks.

For more details, check out the Fetish Cares site, as well as the LiveJournal of maniacaljonny, one of the people behind the show.

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