Kickass Karaoke — the photos

T. while onstage, remarked that Will (“Half Korean, half Scot, all pimp!”) was channelling the spirit of Carlton Banks!

Paul decided to give his “tough guy” look a try — not bad, huh?

Of course, nothing disarms a “tough guy” look faster than a “wet willie” delivered by Robertson Strickler.

Tara’s a new arrival to Accordion City, but she’s already made a splash. Catch her funk night at the Bovine every Thursday!

Jeff, along with me, Will and Paul are going to take the Accordion City busking scene by storm this spring and summer. Says Jeff “We’ll be like Moxy Fruvous…[thinking about it and grimacing]…except we won’t be Moxy Fruvous.”

In the parallel universe where my life is a TV show, Meryle’s credit reads “Hoochie mama number one”.

Sweeeeeeet Caroline / Good times never seem so good…

Mouth is alive / With juices like wine / and I’m hungry like the wolf

Meryle dances while Erik, the man who knows more eighties music than even I do, croons.

Paul strikes his Gene Vincent pose.

It’s late in the evening, so your host Carson T. Foster has stripped to red leopard-print underwear. “Dude,” says Paul, “I am so gettin’ me underwear like that! He’s serious, folks.

Most people don’t know what to do during a 500-bar guitar solo in the middle of a karaoke number. Fortunately, Tara does.

“No, miss, I wouldn’t at all be offended if you touched my accordion.”

Even more Kickass Karaoke photos

On Carson’s own Kickass Karaoke page, you can see photos from the recent Sunday Night Edition (April 13th) and Carson’s own shots from the same night as above.

The next Kickass Karaoke…

…is sooner than you think. Remember, in addition to the traditional one on the middle Wednesday of every month, Carson’s also hosting one every other Sunday. The next one is this Sunday, April 27th at the Rivoli.

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