Before the whole New Girl fiasco, I was the go-to guy for lewd clothing

…and damned if I’m going to give up the crown.

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about, perhaps you should see the Breast Scarf and Butt Skirt postings first. At last check, I still had the number one Google entries for the phrases “breast scarves” and “butt skirt”. Yet another dubious acheivement to add to the list.)

The boob shirt

And now — thanks to John “lemonodor” Wiseman for sending it to me (he even called me the “expert in this domain”) — I present the boob shirt:

Photo: Younger and older woman (daughter and mother?) pose in Mickey/Minnie Mouse boob shirts. An older man (Dad?) looks on, possibly with pride.

Nuclear families gone wild! Look, I’m Filipino, so I know about close-knit families, but I think this might be pushing things a little.

They certainly look like a family, don’t they? Is this mother-daughter bonding, just gone terribly, terribly wrong? And the bald guy on the left — Dad, perhaps — is that sly grin one of paterfamiliar pride? And most importantly, considering that this involves both Disney and copyright issues, has Cory Doctorow been informed?

(Don’t worry about that last one — I emailed him already.)

I’ll have to buy this month’s Playboy, and yes, I’ll be reading it for an article

Adam Keys reports in his blog, Bit Banger, that the breast scarf photos have finally appeared in Playboy. If you recall from an earlier blog posting, I was contacted by a Playboy photo editor, who asked if they could buy the rights to the photos. I told them that the photos were not mine, and pointed them to my friend Karin, who had forwarded them to me in an email. I guess that they managed to follow the email trail back to the rights-holders of the photos.

Never in my wildest dreams of adolescence did I conceive that someday, even Hugh Hefner’s empire would be influenced by me. I think I’ll use my best Mr. Burns voice and say “Excellent. It’s all falling into place.”

While outdone by the ladies above, the Japanese have their own naughty t-shirts

My friend, former OpenCola coworker, Blogger coder and Google employee Steve Jenson sent me this link to some naughty women’s t-shirts from the Land of the Rising Tentacle. I’d have posted it sooner, but real life weirdness got in the way.

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