Best peace protest sign ever

Updated Tuesday, March 25th at 2:50 p.m. EST

Ah, the power of the collective memory of the Web. Morgan points out that the image in the sign was taken from a FARK Photoshop contest.

Thanks, Morgan!

My buddy George Scriban sent me this picture which he took while passing by the peace protests in NYC’s Washington Square Park this weekend. This is great — I was hoping that somewhere in the peace movement, there was someone with creativity, wit and a refreshing lack of self-rigtheousness. A filet mignon on a flaming sword for this sign’s creator!

Photo: Best peace protest sign ever, featuring a Photoshopped pic of George Bush at the presidential podium playing with green toy army men. He's saying 'It'll be like BLAM! BLAM! POW! POW! BLAM! BLAM! KaBOOOSH! ARRRRRRGGGGH! You got me!'

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