Little bitty tidbits

Which Sci-Fi author will you marry? If you choose the first answer for every question, the result will be the science fiction writer I know best. Cory, whoever made this test has the hots for you, I think.

Hey, where’s a test where I’m one of the results? Doesn’t the World’s Most Humble Egomaniac™ deserve one too?

You don’t know Accordion City unless you’ve done these things. I’ve done most of them, having lived here for about 25 years.

The first casuality of war is good manners.

Two hours of busking and less than two quid to show for it? And he’s a good singer/songwriter too. I don’t think he was trying hard enough. These people did better.

Help this guy sound more “street” and he’ll give you twenty bucks. Dat shit is wack, yo. Is this an actor trying to get a gig? A rich white kid trying to impress someone? A cop about to go undercover? A guy who can’t get up enough nerve to buy a FUBU jacket?

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