Confessions of a reluctant anti-warrior

I skipped out on yesterday’s peace rallies, not because I’m gung-ho for an invasion of Iraq (I’m unconvinced of the need to attack Iraq, although I might go along with invading Saudi Arabia), but for reasons that Peter Bagge illustrated so eloquently in Confessions of a Reluctant Anti-warrior. The simplistic and muddled logic, the attempt to throw in every cause, having to breathe the same oxygen as some of the local A.N.S.W.E.R. folk, knee-jerk anti-Americanism, a required blind allegiance to the Palestinians’ cause and the hooligans who will attempt to destroy a Starbucks today and then filling out job applications there next week.

(I know of which I speak, especially the bit about the muddled logic: I’m expecting a lot of the not-so-smart mob from Reclaim the Streets to show.)

At the same time, I find the hawks equally repugnant, what with their equating of protest with treason, the thinly veiled racism and their broad-stroke blaming of “The Left” for everything.

Comic: Panel from Peter Bagge's 'Confessions of a reluctant anti-warrior'.

Comic: Panel from Peter Bagge's 'Confessions of a reluctant anti-warrior'.

Bagge’s right — where is the “they can all go to Hell booth”? Count me in for that!

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