Kizzung Hizzey Fizzat Chizzoy!

Well, that’s how you say the traditional Cantonese greeting (Kung Hey Fat Choy, which translates as “Wishing you prosperity”) with a “street” twist.

I’d like to thank everyone who came to the party on Saturday, which was a goat-tastic do. At peak, we probably had three dozen people in the house. Special mention goes to the following folks:

  • Diana brought me a beatiful bottle of her homemade prickly pear liqueur. Tasty!
  • Eldon left behind some Chinese New Year’s greeting paraphernalia and also provided the Osama bin Laden toy (the jeep with Osama being hauled away by two U.S. soldiers), which made quite a conversation piece.
  • Ryan Murphy brought me a kick-ass mixed disk custom-made for the bash.
  • Liz Phillips gave me an “Ubergeek” T-shirt! Thanks, Liz!
  • Shayan Mashatiyan, a fellow GTABlogger, brought an amazing Persian dessert made by his mom and brought back from his last trip to Iran.
  • Henry Dziarmaga, my friend from high school and university, whom I’ve haven’t seen in over ten years, dropped by!
  • Local rock star Kat Goldman brought cake!
  • Mira, whom you might remember from this blog entry dropped by and also brought some cute friends too (thanks, Mira!)
  • And last, but certainly not the least, mad props to Robertson “Pimpmastah Strick” Strickler, who helped me fetch stuff for the party, provided the inflatable sheep and brought at least a half-dozen women to the party. He went above and beyond the call of dudehood.

We registered one red wine spill on one of the white couches (fixed with white wine and club soda — they’re ScotchGuarded, natch) and minor candle-related damage to the bar which I will someday have to explain to the landlord. Odd, considering it was one of the mellower parties we’ve had here at Big Trouble in Little China.

Work is now kicking into overdrive (thankfully!), so that’s all I can post for now. I’ll post some photos and stories from the party in the next blog entry.

Some of you have already noticed that I’m a little behind on getting that “Worst Date Ever” story out. I’ll crank that out soon, but work and general rent-money-making’s got to take priority.

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