Speaking of the last entry’s title…

…may I suggest you check out the lyrics to the song T.M.I.? They’re quite droll. A sample:

Like the woman on the sidewalk at the Veterans Day Parade

Says “I’m a pagan vegan veterinarian, can I share your shade?

These ultra-violet rays are messing up my spiritual receptors

I believe this was meant to be

Wait — can you hear it?

You’ll be a priest in the next life and porn star in the life after that

I’m a hemophiliac, I could love you if you loved my cat

I got a ’69 Volvo and a recipe for bananas hashish

I’m a real blonde

I was personal masseuse to the Bhagwan Rajneesh (well, one of them)

And I believe that people ought to follow the truth of their heart

I want to fly around the world — no, wait, I’m channeling Amelia Earhart

I wanna tie your hands behind your neck and paint your name on your chest in molasses

I wanna go to Disneyland and get our caricatures done in magic marker on our asses


And I said — “Really?

I like molasses.”

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