Someone please call the fashion police

(First it was breast scarves, now this. You probably think I’m some kind of Russ Meyer type.)

Vivenne Westwood had some good fashion ideas a while ago. In the 1970’s, she teamed up with Macolm McLaren to open SEX, their BDSM clothing boutique, which paved the way towards punk fashion. In the 1980’s, she was one of the people behind the New Romantic look — think early Depeche Mode and Duran Duran (the New Romantic predilection for frilly shirts and synths ended up being part of the Goth cultural DNA).

But now she’s just gone batty. Here’s her latest creation: breasts for men.

Photo: Male model wearing prosthetic breasts under a chest-hugging turtleneck top.

Nice rack, dude. You know what we call guys like you? Chicks!

According to an article in The Daily Telegraph:

And while the effect may look outrageous today, fashion commentators reckon Sydney men may just end up adopting it – in a few years’ time.

Sydney men? As in Sydney, Australia? These had better be Sydney men who can take on an entire bar in a fight.

[Thanks to the mysterious vinyl_demon for the heads-up!]

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