What kind of newpaper do you want?

From the Columbia Journalism Review:

This is not a blueprint for the newspaper of tomorrow. This does not offer a neat, complete answer to the question, What would it take to get the kids to read the paper? (Dream on). This does not represent the desires or demands of a generation of readers — Gen X, Y, or otherwise. Our sources for this story, young newspaper journalists all, are admittedly more focused on — and likely more interested in — news and newspapering than the average twenty-something.

So what is this? This is a loose description of The Dream Newspaper, as imagined by young journalists from around the country. As part of the continuing discussion of (or fixation on) what young people want to read and why, we sought journalists ages thirty and under to talk about the kind of newspaper they would like to read — and work for — and to report back to us with their ideas.

The rest of the story is here.

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