Nag! Nag! Nag!

This is just another reminder to nominate The Adventures of AccordionGuy in the 21st Century for the Third Annual Weblog Awards.

C’mon, folks, haven’t I been really entertaining and informative? Has any other blog given you this in 2002?:

And I did it all for you.

So please…won’t you nominate me? Perhaps for Best Canadian Weblog, Most Humorous Weblog, Best-Kept-Secret Weblog or dare I even dream…(cue Dr. Evil awed voice) Weblog of the Year?

Remember, folks, if I get into the running, I will run a story I’ve been holding back for just such an occasion: my worst dates ever! Worthy of at least one FOX movie of the week, I tell you!

Do me this favour, willya? You know I’ll give back twice the love I get.

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