Hey, a collector’s item that even I can afford!

DragonFax from the #infoanarchy IRC channel on pointed out this item on eBay:

Toilet Paper cardboard roll w/ paper remnants

You are bidding on a mint cardboard tube out of a roll of toilet paper. This tube is light brown in color, and made of a medium thickness. There are remnants of the toilet paper still held on the roll by a sort of glue. This can easily be remove before shipping if the winner so desires (without charge). The paper itself is white in color and appears to be 2 ply thickness, but I am not sure. This roll may also be of limited production due to the inscription on the inside: “S3 C 210 02”. This rare numbered edition may one day become a collectors item that can be handed down generation to generation.

Buyer is responsible for a .99 shipping charge to anywhere in the USA. Insurance and delivery confirmation are an extra 3.99 and include a deluxe padded envelope to protect the priceless tube.

I will come after non-paying bidder with the strongest arms of the law and you will not be permitted to survive my fury.

Thanks for looking and good luck.

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