Why radio sucks

Cory at BoingBoing points to the Future of Music Coalition’s report on the effects of radio consolidation of the music industry [PDF]. For the time- or attention span-challenged, there’s an executive summary of the report.

Equally interesting are the “fact sheet” released by the National Association of Broadcasters in anticipation of this report (“You’re wrong, radio’s great, people aren’t turning their radios off, everyone loves Clear Channel!”) and the Future of Music Coalition’s response.

I’ve pretty much given up on radio (with the possible exception of The Corpse) unless I’m in the car, and even then, I prefer to bring a pack of CDs with me. The limited playlists and repetition of the commercial stations are annoying, and university radio during the daytime is pretty much talk by people who badly need elocution lessons. Thankfully DMCA/CARP and its Big Content supporters haven’t been able to kill of Internet radio…yet.

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