The party, from Jai’s camera (part 3)

Celebrity visits

Along with Kat Goldman, we also had a visit from I Mother Earth’s bassist Bruce Gordon and world famous chef Susur Lee. Bruce looks like he had a blast, and Susur said he loved the decor, askedme about Filipino cooking and said I should drop by the restaurant for drinks sometime.

I highly recommend both I Mother Earth’s albums and Susur’s restaurant.

More photos

Nothin’ like ladies with hammers!

The kitchen crowd, starring Rannie, Jay, Adam, some guy (can’t tell whom) and Anne.

There’s a catwalk above the back deck, and Jai took some great aerial shots of the crowd from there.

Catwalk shot number two.

There’s always some bare-bum action at my parties, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dave does magic tricks. “See, Therese? You don’t think there’s a quarter in your ear, but if I reach in…”

Will practices his “gangsta” look.

Lounge shot number one.

I mention that I’m now in my “Jager-and-Schlager years” in my invite, and lo and behold, someone brings them as a gift! Thank you!

Shooting the shit with Ryan in my room.

Random back deck shot number one.

Random back deck shot number two.

My room, as shot from outside the window on the west side.

“Hi, we’re happily married, and we bought our car at Downtown Honda.”

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