Hello, King Floyd!

One of the great things about having a weblog and friends with lots of Googlejuice pointing to your blog is that old friends from way back can find you. One such person is Rob “King Floyd” MacDougall, a guy who used to write with me at the Queen’s University humour newspaper, Golden Words (My good pal George Scriban also wrote for the paper). Rob was one of the paper’s best writers, and unlike me, he never wrote anything that ended with threats of libel suits (I got four in my seven-year career, one of which was from the leader of a group called “Students for Free Speech”). When some of our other writers were falling back on jokes about getting drunk or the tired crutch of top ten lists, Rob was writing clever little articles that made you laugh and think at the same time. He found me through the The Adventures of AccordionGuy in the 21st Century and sent me this lovely picture:

Photo: Cover of an old pulp magazine, 'Pep', featuring a topless flapper playing the accordion.

See? Inluminent isn’t the only weblog to resort to posting pictures of hot chicks to gain readership! I’d like one of these accordion girls for my birthday, please. Just bring her to the party.

Hello again, Rob, and I’ll write soon!

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