Your first warning

The birthday — a big one, my 35th, in fact — is in one month and one day, so I thought it would be a good time to update the Amazon Wish List. Of course, no one’s actually obliged to buy me anything — not even Mom and Dad, who’ve been so kind as to always give me more than enough stuff. However, if you’re in a gift-giving mood, I’m not going to stop you.

Photo: Cover of 'Mel Bay's Fun wityh the Accordion'

“Break on throooough to the other siiiide…” The copyright date for the book is 1993, but the cover screams 1968. I really dig the psychedelia-meets-Welsh-troupe artwork.

You’ll notice that the accordion books are pretty cheap — you’d think that the accordion wasn’t a popular instrument, judging by their prices.

Photo: Fiestaware Cinnabar 831 4-Piece Place Setting

Yes, I am a grown-up. My current set of dishware is looking a little rough, and cinnabar matches the colour scheme of the house — especially the dining room — very well.

Asking for flatware is part of the “Just Gay Enough” philosophy.

Photo: Cover of the almighty AC/DC's almight album, 'Back in Black'

“Knockin’ me out with those American thighs!” I’ve lived the lyrics, and now I’d like the album, please.

Remember, folks, it’s “Just Gay Enough“, so I’m countering the flatware with the quintessential cock rock album from the almighty AC/DC. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap and Hayseed Dixie (a hillbilly tribute to AC?DC) are also on my wish list.

And while you’re at it, you may want to check my pal George’s Amazon Wish List. His birthday is a few weeks after mine.


Busy, again

I’m a bit busy today, so today’s posting will appear later than expected. In the meantime, may I suggest the following for your reading pleasure?

Wordshark is a very addictive game. Beware!

Why Is It So Hard to Get a Cab in San Francisco? A cabbie explains. You’d think that a small city (it’s only seven by seven miles) and major tourism and convention destination would be covered in cabs, but you’d be wrong. I lived there last year, and know the frustration of looking for a cab in that city; apparently, when you call for a cab, it’s treated a more of a suggestion rather than an order. The only way to get anything approaching decent cab service in “Baghdad by the Bay” is to strike up a friendship with a cabbie and then get his cellphone number. [from BoingBoing]

Why I wear contact lenses and not glasses. Although some people really do look cute in glasses.

Nigella Lawson sings the praises of British Cuisine. “British Cuisine” may be an oxymoron, but Nigella is my goddess and I will gladly defend to the death anything she says. Now if she will only marry me… [from Plastic]

Stooping and scooping isn’t just for dog owners anymore. [via Fark]

The war will be won with kisses, not bullets. Popular Iranian actress Gowhar Kheirandish, when presenting director Ali Zamani with an award, kissed him on the forehead. It’s not a problem here in the decadent West, but in fundamentalist Iran, that’s a serious crime. Socializing between unrelated men and women — and especially touching, even a handshake — is haram (a “no-no”). They were detained, then let go, and now harliners want to punish the cultural official who let them go. [from Metafilter]

Prince William, could you do me a favour? I hear you’ve got a fancy new apartment in the must-live-there street of the university student neighbourhood. I think you should have a party, hire me as entertainment, and introduce me to your charming flatmate.

The proper way to hang toilet paper. Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.


Thirsty People of Toronto

Last night’s Thirsty People of Toronto gathering took place at Toronto’s grubby-but-oh-so-fun Sneaky Dee’s. A night of drinking, conversation, nachos and Scrabble are precisely what the doctor ordered.

I’d like to send a special shout-out to Bridget — she heard my plea for help in an earlier entry and PayPalled me some money to buy beer — you’re the best!

Photo: Nikki, Peter and Charles pose like Dr. Evil.

Could we perhaps get a pitcher of eeeevil beer? Nikki, Peter and Charles strike the TPT cliched pose of the week.

Photo: This is a great shot of Trish. So great I need to be alone with it for a while.

Daaaaaamn. Trysh is back from Mexico!

Photo: Me enjoying a butterscotch ripple shot.

Ah, sweet liquor…eases the pain. One of the TPTers bought all our tables a round of butterscotch ripple shots.

Photo: Kate, Lex and Nikki get ready to play Scrabble.

“Mr. deVilla, your Scrabble tiles await you…” Nikki summons me to the Scrabble table while Kate and Lex look on.

Photo: The Scrabble letters I was given: D, D, L, L, N, N, U.

My Scrabble letters. The Gods of Randomness are having a little fun with me, I think.

Photo: The Scrabble board in mid-game. The words: quays, waster, jet, jug, fur, ahems, bred, entwine.

We’re an erudite bunch, aren’t we? “Quays” was mine.

Photo: Kate peers from over the Official Scrabble Dictionary.

“‘Strewth” is a word, I tell you!” Kate’s arrived from Australia about a month ago, and I could swear that half the “Austalian” words she uses are just made up.

Photo: Charles licks his shot glass while Sandra holds it for him.

Check this out, ladies! Charles is always looking for ways to tastefully show off his tongue dexterity.

Photo: Trish drinks tea and shows us her 'arched eyebrow' look.

Trysh shows her civilised side. No Greco-Roman wrestling this week, and not even a drop of alcohol! Once she recovers from last week’s vacation in Mexico, I’m sure we’ll have our hard-drinkin’, hard-playin’ Trysh back.
It Happened to Me

What’s Been Happening

Slightly updated Tuesday mid-afternoon: I wrote a terribly long (even for me) run-on sentence in this entry, and have since broken into a list of bullet points. It may not quite convey the hectic pace of things as well, but at least it’s readable.

The Joeyverse is undergoing some major rearrangements, so the blog may take a back seat to all the major planetary re-aligning that I have to do at the moment. I will endeavour to keep feeding this beast, as it keeps me sharp, and well, because it’s a fun beast to feed.

I do have enough time to report that a lot has happened in the past two weeks. I have had long and sleepless nights that I thought would never end and nights that didn’t register because I fell asleep as soon as my head the pillow; I’ve woken up at 1 in the afternoon and five in the morning. I’ve referred both half a honey-glazed donut and a full roast with mashed white and sweet potatoes as “dinner”. I’ve run the range from:

It’s been quite a fortnight, and for that reason, I’ll be drinking at tonight’s Thirsty People of Toronto meeting. If anyone is feeling generous, I’d be terribly grateful if you could PayPal me a beer.