Busy, again

I’m a bit busy today, so today’s posting will appear later than expected. In the meantime, may I suggest the following for your reading pleasure?

Wordshark is a very addictive game. Beware!

Why Is It So Hard to Get a Cab in San Francisco? A cabbie explains. You’d think that a small city (it’s only seven by seven miles) and major tourism and convention destination would be covered in cabs, but you’d be wrong. I lived there last year, and know the frustration of looking for a cab in that city; apparently, when you call for a cab, it’s treated a more of a suggestion rather than an order. The only way to get anything approaching decent cab service in “Baghdad by the Bay” is to strike up a friendship with a cabbie and then get his cellphone number. [from BoingBoing]

Why I wear contact lenses and not glasses. Although some people really do look cute in glasses.

Nigella Lawson sings the praises of British Cuisine. “British Cuisine” may be an oxymoron, but Nigella is my goddess and I will gladly defend to the death anything she says. Now if she will only marry me… [from Plastic]

Stooping and scooping isn’t just for dog owners anymore. [via Fark]

The war will be won with kisses, not bullets. Popular Iranian actress Gowhar Kheirandish, when presenting director Ali Zamani with an award, kissed him on the forehead. It’s not a problem here in the decadent West, but in fundamentalist Iran, that’s a serious crime. Socializing between unrelated men and women — and especially touching, even a handshake — is haram (a “no-no”). They were detained, then let go, and now harliners want to punish the cultural official who let them go. [from Metafilter]

Prince William, could you do me a favour? I hear you’ve got a fancy new apartment in the must-live-there street of the university student neighbourhood. I think you should have a party, hire me as entertainment, and introduce me to your charming flatmate.

The proper way to hang toilet paper. Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

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