I’m plagued by deadbeats.

First, the former co-worker who still owes me money from last year’s DefCon conference for the hotel and food.

Then, the housemate who failed to pay rent, ran up the largest residential phone bill I’ve ever seen, moved away and asked if he could move back if he landed a job in Toronto.

Then, the company that owes me six weeks’ worth of back pay but still needed me to do a lot of stuff.

Then, [Update October 31, 4:45 p.m. EST — okay, he paid up.]

I am sick and tired of people abusing my goodwill and generosity.

I’m coming after all of you, and I promise that I will make your lives so miserable that you will cry yourselves to sleep and wet the bed from your nightmares until you pay up.

You fuckers have been warned. Pay up.

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