Saturday, part one

Earlier that evening: Drinks with Diane Duane

Peter Morwood’s new computer. Taken at the Masquerade Bar, BCE Place, early Saturday evening. The glowing green thing just to the left of the keyboard’s left edge is a Bluetooth card.

Early Saturday evening, I met sci-fi/fantasy/animation author and fellow blogger Diane Duane, who was passing through Accordion City, for drinks. She showed me her husband’s new computer, a Sharp Mebius laptop.

Never heard of the Mebius? That’s because it’s not normally available here in North America — the japanese market has determined that we’re not interested in incredibly skinny laptops with DVD-RW drives, built-in 802.11 and Ethernet and cool design (they have determined that we want all the tentacle porn we can eat, however).

Diane picked this up for her hubby at Dynamism, a New York-based company that specializes in bringing the latest and greatest Japanese electronics to North America (I’d love one of their tiny Ericsson cell phones!). Although it’s a Japanese computer, it has a standard QWERTY keyboard that has the Roman alphabet in large characters on its keys, as well as Japanese characters — you’ll feel like a console cowboy punching deck in a William Gibson novel using one of these.

I’ll write a little more about my meeting with Diane in a later entry.

Party at Peter’s place

Peter Timofjew, one of the kahunas behind the social group/drinking club/bunch of troublemakers Thirsty People of Toronto, held a Hallowee’n party last Saturday night. He’s the first set of pictures.

Party at Peter’s! The party took place at Peter Timofjev’s place, a large warehouse loft on Adelaide Street, in the heart of Toronto’s club district.

AZN GANGSTA, YO. I should be cast in a movie with Chow Yun-Fat.

I used to go for more elaborate costumes in my younger days, but I’ve given up on that in more recent years. For the past three or four years, I’d simply throw on an apron and chef’s hat as go as “Chef” from South Park. This year, I toyed with going as Angus Young from AC/DC, or perhaps as “Manila Rice”, the Filipino answer to Vanilla Ice. Instead, I went as “Random Hong Kong Movie Gangster”. Rob loaned me his “Tom from the Chemical Brothers” yellow shades. And then I messed up the look with the hat.

Matt “Black Belt” Jones and I agree — your best clubbing outfit is an old tuxedo or equally formal black suit. You can wear it traditionally with a shirt and tie, as I did, or tieless with a black shirt, or go all Man from U.N.C.L.E. and wear a dark turtleneck with it. I went trad and wore a raffish (well, in Asian clubbing circles, the tie is actually understated) gold tie and white shirt. The suit’s a 10-year-old hand-me-down Hugo Boss courtesy of Dad. We should all have such generous fashion plates for fathers — thanks, Dad!

Stop, collaborate and listen! Since I wasn’t going as “Manila Rice”, I lent Rob my American flag rugby shirt and skull pendant.

Rob got some coloured hairspray, but it didn’t work quite as advertised. Instead of making his hair platinum blond, it just made him look older. Very distinguished, though.

One cranberry juice and raspberry vodka, please. Eric did an excellent job slinging drinks and even managed to squeeze in a couple of chances to carouse and dance during the few lulls at the bar.

It’s good to be the king. Peter, the host, is flanked by fellow Thirsty People of Toronto members Trysh and Sandra.

When costumes collide! Charles once again shows off his gift for facial contortions.

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