A long, long time ago, in a photo shoot far, far away…

Photo: Mark Hamill is Luke Skywalker in a pretty sorry pose.

This is not the publicity still you’re looking for.

A conversation at the photo shoot for Star Wars publicity stills, early 1977:

Photographer: Hey Mark, we need to take some test shots. You don’t have to pose for these ones — just stand there.

Mark Hamill: Lemme pose just once. (Strikes pose in photo above). Here, how’s this?

Photographer’s assistant (whispering to Photographer): Jeezus, he looks like one of the Village People.

Mark Hamill: Beg pardon?

Photographer’s assistant: Uh…I said this photo…should…um…be in People! You know, the magazine…

Photographer (faking British accent): Capital idea, old top!

Mark Hamill: Uh, maybe not, guys. I’d appreciate it if this test photo never got out.

Photographer: I promise, it’ll never leave this studio.

Photographer’s assistant: Of course, one day we’ll have some

kind of global data network where ordinary people will exchange

messages, news and photos like this on computers small and cheap enough

to be in every home. Then this shot will travel like wildfire.

Mark Hamill: That’s pretty far out. It sounds like you’ve already seen Star Wars.

Photographer: (Turns to assistant) You’ve been reading too much sci-fi. (Turns to Mark Hamill) I need one more test shot. How ’bout you moon the camera?

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