God is a Republican

Among the many qualities about Americans that I love — their “can-do” attitude, their energy, their amazing junk food — is their gift for self-parody. The latest example of this is this item that’s up for sale on eBay: a poster of Dubya made up of a mosaic of classic paintings of Jesus!

Photo: Full view of George Bush poster composed of a mosaic of paintings of Jesus.

A full view of the poster.

Photo: Detail view of George Bush poster composed of a mosaic of paintings of Jesus.

Detail view.

An excerpt from the description for this lovely collector’s item:

At last, we have a Christian President. George W. Bush is restoring dignity, honor and Christian morality to the highest office in the land. He is not afraid to “let his light shine before men.”

Truly a man for our times, he has set high standards of personal conduct and shows the greatest respect for his position as our leader. As such, we believe he is a national role model.

To honor the “1st office” in the land, and the man who is fulfilling his duties in that office so well, JesusMosaics has produced this “special edition” print.

“Our Christian President” is a pictorial representation of the ultimate goal of every Christian. That is, that when men look at us, they will “see Jesus.” Jesus in our words, Jesus in our conduct, Jesus in the love we have for one another. Pres. George W. Bush is striving to fulfill that goal while serving all of us in the “toughest job in the country.”

My only response is: Jesus!

I’m tough on Buddhists who practice religion-as-fashion (as I’ve written here), but I’m equally tough on people who wear Jesus as if He were a shiny Rolex. This is an example of a bad American quality — the tendency to “buy” esteem, whether it be with money or by association, rather than earn it by their deeds. Often, when politicians cite the Big G, they’re simply using some choice quotes from the Bible to back up whatever policy they’re promoting or law they’re trying to get passed. They use religion the way drunks use lampposts — for support, not illumination*.

So-called Christians who play the Jesus trump card would do well to remember Matthew chapter 6, verse 5:

And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full.

School ’em suckas proper, Jeebus!

(Props to BoingBoing for the link.)


* My own twist on a Mark Twain quote about statistics.

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