What’s happening in Accordion City over the next month

Toronto International Film Festival 2002. Thursday, September 5th through Saturday, September 14th. For more details, see this entry.

Graphic: Flyer for 'Slap vs. Tickle: The Hammerin' at the Cameron'

Slap and Tickle present a comedy night called Slap vs. Tickle: The Hammerin’ at the Cameron. Tuesday, September 10th at the Cameron House (408 Queen Street West, 1 block west of Spadina). The Slap and Tickle troupe headline, other comedy acts include Fraser Young, Alan Park, Laurie Elliot and some guy named Smokin’ Joe deVilla telling a few funny stories and playing the accordion. I swear — I did not make up that name; they gave it to me.

Trailer Trash Wednesday. Wednesday, September 11th at the Bovine Sex Club (542 Queen Street West). Featuring Trailer Trash Bongo with Beever and Trixie.

18th Annual Vegetarian Food Fair. Friday, September 13th through Sunday. September 15th at Harbourfront Centre (235 Queen’s Quay West). Perhaps we should have a betting pool on whether my housemate Paul will attend this one; what with his new approach to food, who knows? I’d attend, but I know I’d kicked out after the first smart-ass remark: “So this is a festival devoted exclusively to side dishes, eh?”

My housemate Paul’s birthday is on Friday, September 13th.

Graphic: Flyer for '416 Graf Expo

416 Graf Expo. Friday, September 14th and Saturday, September 15th at the parking lot at Queen and Portland. This is the Toronto’s seventh annual graffiti expo.

Kick Ass Karaoke. Wednesday, September 18th at the Bovine Sex Club (542 Queen Street West).

The Harvest Festival. Saturday, September 21st and Sunday, September 22nd at #4978 6th Line. An outdoor electronic music festival (it would’ve been called a rave last decade). From the flyer:

Each autumn equinox, this year under the full moon, we come together to enjoy our favourite DJs/performers, art installations, locally-grown organic foods, awesome camping and a massive bonfire. Come early and explore. There will be an equinox celebration at sundown.

There’ll be five areas – the rustic BARN with multi-levelled dancin’ and chillin’, infamous PYRAMID, a newly-added sound system in the DRIVE SHED, tasty garden treats and holistic treatments by KIND KITCHEN and C.A.L.M. and the massive BONFIRE, lit at the stroke of MIDNIGHT.

If you’re into Burning Man or the more local Om Festival, you’ll like this one. I’m considering going.

My friend Karin’s birthday is on Thursday, September 26th. Expect mayhem on College Street West that evening.

The Word on the Street Magazine and Book Fair. Sunday, September 29, 2002 on Queen Street West between John and Spadina.

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