Toronto International Film Festival 2002

The start of September marks the return of the Toronto International Film Festival, a ten-day period in which the stars hang out in Accordion City even more than they normally do and the movie-going public gets a chance to see a great selection of films, especially those you won’t see at your suburban megaplex. For those of you planning to attend, or those of you who can’t make it and are just curious, here are some links:

Many of the movies I want to see run more than once, and these movies usually have a matinee showing in the middle of the day, which should mean that at-the-door tickets should still be available (I’m assuming that the larger part of the attendees will be on a 9-to-5 schedule). Local pals, drop me a line if there are any movies you’d like to see — maybe we can make it a group thing.

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