eye magazine’s guides to student life

eye magazine, one of Accordion City’s free weekly newspapers, has a special section devoted to university students, seeing as it’s back to school next week. They make for interesting reading, whether you’re going to be returining or not.

Photo: Shirtless 'student' adjusts a webcam above his lime green iMac. This photo accompanied the eye article on getting into porn as a way of overcoming the genteel poverty of student life.

On Your Back to School. eye’s sex columnist, Sasha, says that that if you’re a young man and a starving student, you might want to consider the lucrative world of Internet porn.

If the porn things not for you, there are other jobs — while they don’t pay well, some of the perqs are great. (By the bye, the word “perq” is short for perquisite.)

They also review that staple of the student diet: macaroni and cheese. “Dee-licious and noo-tritious,” as my friend Cory would say (and write). Wise people that the reviewers are, they gave top marks to Loblaw’s President’s Choice Macaroni and Cheese, the caviar of all the mac-and-cheese offerings.

Apres Napster, la deluge. A filler article (well, eye is 75% filler) comparing various MP3-sharing apps.

(For my non-French speaking friends: After Napster, the deluge. See, the French don’t always have their own word for everything. What’s the french word for cafe? It’s cafe. The french word for crosisant? Croissant. The french word for menage a troi? You get three guesses. See? French is easy!)

And last but not least, eye’s guide to student-cheap stuff in Toronto. Also good if you plan to visit the city on the cheap. They make mention of my pals at Global Pop Conspiracy, too!

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