Renovations, continued

More notes on the on-going renovations to the site.

The renovations to the site, starting with the blogs, continue. If you haven’t taken a look at my Photshoppery in the sidebar, be sure to take a peek. There are still some fixes to be made to The Adventures of AccordionGuy in the 21st Century, and once those are done, renovations on The Happiest Geek on Earth will continue.

I’ve also got the comments system back up and running, so comment away!

For the person who asked what font I’m using for the titles: it’s Block Berthold.

After doing all this work updating the site, I just noticed that my new colour scheme as well as the four-pictures-by-the-title layout is a little too similar to George Scriban’s excellent corporate outrage blog, blogaritaville. This unintentional parallel simply goes to prove that great minds think and design alike. Besides, it’ll be a cute little factoid in the Entertainment Weekly article they’ll write about me and George when we finally leave this loser software industry and write our multiple Emmy-winning sitcom.

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