Operation RATS

A spoof of Operation TIPS and a Babylon 5 parallel.

It’s hard to be a satirist these days when reality keeps beating you to the punch. Still, onepotmeal has come up with a good spoof of the Operation TIPS (the new US spy-on-your-fellow-citizens brigade) called Operation RATS.

Someone on BurningBird’s comments area said that TIPS sounds a helluva lot like the Night Watch in Babylon 5. I suppose there are some parallels between the Current Situation and B5: a president who seized power illegitimately, a rise in xenophobia, and now a clearly-marked brigade of citizens watching other citizens. Like the universe of B5, there are bad aliens out there, but the government isn’t exactly full of good souls either.

My only questions are: Where’s our Captain Sheridan, and will some technomage finally come out and tell me what the fourteen words that will make anyone fall in love with you forever and the seven words to make them go without pain are? Sometimes charm, boyish good looks, wit, scintillating conversation, bizarro luck and an accordion just aren’t enough.

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