Movin’ on up

I’ve moved up to Blogger Pro. This probably won’t mean anything to a good number of my readers, but this blog now pings and has an RSS feed. XML’s pull is so great that not even my self-indulgence can escape!

I’m pleased to announce this blog’s move to Blogger Pro, which means a couple of things:

  • The Adventures of AccordionGuy (and soon, The Happiest Geek on Earth) now has an RSS feed. You can point your news aggregator at to get a summary of the most recent postings. I’ve got Blogger Pro’s RSS feature set so that the description section displays the first 255 characaters rather than the entire damned posting (after all, RSS is short for RDF site summary). To make the RSS feed a little more useful, any blog entry of mine that’s longer than a couple of lines will start with summary text, followed by the body of the entry. (If you’re using Mac OS X, may I recommend my pal Chris Cummer’s news aggregator, Pineapple?)
  • Any time I update the blog, it’ll ping, an online list of the most recently updated weblogs
  • The people behind Blogger whom I know, Ev and Steve, got US$35 of my money, which will go a little way to keeping them employed and off the streets. I have no doubt that an unemployed Steve Jenson would fill his days trying to entertain passersby on the sidewalk with that trick where he lies down and claps his bare feet together.

Now if I can only get my hosting company to map properly….

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