Fresh Meat tonight

Toronto’s tallest band, Fresh Meat, featuring Mandra on bass and “Too Tall” Tina Gravelson on gee-tar, play tonight at Lee’s Palace at 9:30 p.m.

Neksis magazine (which I mentioned in a blog entry waaaay back in March) is having their first anniversary party tonight at Lee’s Palace, a Toronto rock and roll institution. Several bands, including headliners Merkury Burn, will be playing. The first act will be Toronto’s tallest band, Fresh Meat, featuring my friends Tina and Mandra! You might remember them from such gigs as Indie Incubation at the Steam Whistle brewery, where I also played with Lindi. Unfortunately, being the very first band in a long lineup means that they’re going on at the unfashionably early hour of 9:30 p.m. and need your support. Be sure to be there early and scream for Tina (or, if you prefer, Mandra. Or both of them, you polymorphous pervert.)

Photo: Tina trying on my accordion at the Bovine Sex Club.

Photo: Tina and Mandra, practicing their sneers at Kensington Market's Club 56.

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This was a super great time 🙂 also the show/event was featured on muchmusic’s much news several time & looked so cute! Baby Tina Sixx! I have it on tape somewhere.

Thank you so much for keeping up with all these great blog entries over these many years! I always like to browse and take a little memory lane walk…

Omg- I stumbled across this and it brought back so many fun memories! I’m grateful for this blog entry which captured that night so perfectly.
Any chance to still access the photos? I would love to see! Or email to me?
Hope everyone is doing well xoxo

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